Greenwood School Museum

The Greenwood Schoolhouse Museum is a one-room country school house.  It was originally located in eastern Coles County. The first schoolhouse was erected on that site prior to 1862 and was used until 1894 when it was replaced by the building that is now theGreenwood Schoolhouse Museum.

Classes were held in the Greenwood Schoolhouse as late as 1948.  In 1975 the Coles County Historical Society moved the building to the Eastern Illinois University campus at 800 Hayes Avenue. There it was restored to its original state and now represents a typical Illinois one-room school.

The Historical Society sponsors various educational or historical displays in the schoolhouse for school children and citizens of the county.  The Society holds periodic events in the building which are in keeping with its original character.  Events such as spelling bees, dinner box auctions, and university functions relating to elementary education maintain the schoolhouse's role as a living museum and meeting place.  

By providing a donation to help maintain the building, the Greenwood Schoolhouse may be rented.   Please contact the Coles County Historical Society office.


Greenwood School Presentation